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Are you turning 65? Are you over 65 and retiring? Are you getting a ton of health insurance solicitations in the mail? Are you a little confused? Are you a lot confused? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, you are not alone. Most people are very confused about what to do once they qualify for Medicare. That is why we have started our MPC Insurance Group blog. We want to remove the confusion, and remove the worry, when a person becomes Medicare eligible and needs health insurance coverage. We will educate and communicate in a way that is helpful, and easy to understand.

MPC Insurance Group is an insurance agency and advisory service company focused on assisting Medicare beneficiaries with getting the right health insurance coverage when they become Medicare eligible or are already eligible but want to switch coverage. We work closely with our clients and obtain information from them that allows us to recommend the right coverage tailored to a client’s individual health, social and economic needs. We do all of this at no cost to the client because we receive a commission from the insurance carrier when we place the client in an insurance product. We always do what is in the best interest of our clients and we always look for the best benefits at the lowest cost based on a client’s individual needs. Also note that the federal government regulates commissions to agents, so we have no incentive to place an individual in a high cost product.  

Because we work with Medicare beneficiaries every day, we know just how confusing Medicare can be and how people who are just becoming eligible for Medicare get bombarded with sales information from all sources including insurance companies. That is why we will be writing our blog. We want to provide accurate information and do so in a way that it is useful and easy to understand. We want to simplify the issues and discuss them in plain English, not with jargon, so that the average person can understand key Medicare issues and make informed decisions about their Medicare coverage.

MPC Insurance Group was founded by insurance veterans Michael Fiaschetti and Mark Wood. Mr. Fiaschetti has 35 years of experience in health insurance and was a senior executive with a large health plan, and was founder and CEO of a Medicare Advantage plan. Mr. Fiaschetti is a CPA and has an MBA from Penn State University. He has devoted his life to health insurance access and affordability and is armed with tremendous knowledge of how health insurance works and of the federal government regulations for Medicare. Mr. Fiaschetti is determined to help Medicare beneficiaries get the right coverage and to take the worry out of this very confusing process, so beneficiaries have one less thing to worry about in retirement.

Mr. Wood has over 30 years of health insurance experience, principally in health insurance technology and served as an executive at two different large health insurance plans. Mr. Wood is also a military veteran who served in the United States Navy. Mr. Wood is passionate about helping people, and with his technology background, understands the importance of simplifying the process of purchasing Medicare coverage.

Each week, we will review a topic that is important relative to Medicare enrollment and coverage, and we will attempt to simplify the topic so that it is useful and meaningful to our readers and clients.

As always we are happy to help any and all individuals with their Medicare coverage issues, so please contact us at 717-980-3201 or email us at: if you need any assistance.   

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